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Our wall painting process begins with a meticulous inspection to identify any existing damage. Once assessed, we promptly repair any visible issues, applying spackle to holes and cracks while sealing open joints on trim with caulking for a seamless finish. Flaking plaster or peeling paint is carefully sanded with fine sandpaper to achieve a smooth and even texture. Prior to painting, walls are thoroughly cleaned to ensure optimal adhesion and a pristine surface. We take extra precautions to protect your windows, doors, floors, furniture, and electrical plates by carefully masking them. Finally, we apply two coats of paint with precision and expertise, leaving your walls refreshed and revitalized with a flawless finish.



Transform the exterior of your home with a fresh, vibrant coat of paint that revitalizes its appearance and enhances curb appeal. Our process begins with a thorough power washing to remove dirt and dust buildup, ensuring a clean surface for painting. We inspect the outer edges of your home, taking note of any damaged areas on wood, masonry, or metal. Cracks or holes are expertly filled with epoxy filler and sanded for a seamless finish. Caulking is applied to seal open joints around doors, windows, and trim, providing added protection against the elements. A single coat of stain-blocking primer is carefully brushed on to prepare the surface for painting. Doors, windows, and lights are masked to safeguard against paint splatter, with lighting fixtures covered using plastic sheeting and painters tape. Two coats of high-quality paint are meticulously applied to trim, doors, and walls, leaving your home looking fresh, vibrant, and rejuvenated.



For every successful job, meticulous preparation is paramount. We employ plastic sheeting to shield other areas from dust and fumes, ensuring your home remains pristine throughout the process. We remove doors, drawers, and shelves to facilitate seamless painting. Prior to painting, surfaces and cabinets undergo a thorough cleaning guaranteeing optimal adhesion. Using foam blocks, we lightly sand cabinets, drawers, and doors to create the ideal surface for primer application and check with a tack cloth to ensure every surface is impeccably clean. We apply primer—opting for stain-blocking primer when necessary—to prepare cabinets for their transformation. Cabinets are sealed with caulking, and any imperfections are filled, followed by sanding to achieve a flawless finish. Two coats of paint are expertly applied, bringing your vision to life with precision and care.

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